My name is Cherylonda Fitzgerald and I am a cellist teaching and performing in East Tennessee. 

I enjoy teaching and performing because it is a wonderful way to express creativity and emotion, exercise brain cells, improve physical coordination and boost confidence and self esteem.

Music is studied for different reasons, so I strive to adapt my teaching style to each individual. Are you are an adult who has always wanted to try the cello for fun, a middle schooler who wants help with orchestra music, a home-schooler aspiring to be the next Yo Yo Ma, or maybe you are a parent who simply wants to expose their 4 year old to the joys of music? I am dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

I teach private lessons at my studio, the "Cello Underground" in Johnson City TN. If you would like more information regarding cello lessons, check out my Lessons Page and send me a message on my Contact Page .

If you would like to know more about me and the groups I perform with, check out my Biography Page.

I also invite you to my  YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.